Filter kettle how much power?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
At present most of household filters used by our canteen is 1500 w, the power of each filter kettle it size is not fixed, therefore also is to have a small power filter kettle, in addition to filter the kettle 1500 w and 2000 w, 1000 w and 800 w filter kettle, usually 1000 w filter kettle in using it after an hour of electricity power consumption is 1 degree, but in general, we burn with a hot water less than an hour. Filter kettle its power is not the biggest, in the home appliances and certainly not least, in the household appliances power bigger of the two main products include hair dryer, induction cooker, large volume of electrical products such as 1 horse air conditioning it consumes power generally is 1100 w. Electrical products at the time of using it will affect the electrical power consumption, the efficiency of the filter kettle it the size of the power is 800 w, 1000 w, 1500 w, 2000 w, 2000 w filter bottle is a bigger power filter kettle product, different power filter kettle when using its power consumption is not the same, 1000 w filter kettle if can use the 14 hours have been continuously, so its power consumption is 1 degree, and 1500 w filters when using need to use the kettle for about 40 minutes to use electricity for a time.
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