Filter kettle! ! How to do

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
In real life, we may encounter all kinds of situation, cause household appliances burning. Television, for example, being struck by lightning, computer hot burned motherboard, filter water leakage, short circuit, etc. Filter water leakage, then, what should I do? Introduce to you the following knowledge about electrical safety. Filter water leakage? Generally for the following reasons: 1, the heating tube failure; 2, the internal wiring loose; 3, internal leakage. In general, the filter is to prevent electric shock protection category or kettle category, type of must rely on additional protection connection zero line ( The ground wire) To ensure safety, if this appliance is not connect the ground wire accident, filter kettle manufacturer is not responsible. The provisions of the state, with metal casing of electrical equipment must be well grounded, therefore filter kettle basic use tripod power plug, earthing terminal through a dedicated yellow green double color protection grounding wire connected to grounding device. Electric kettle fault leakage accident occurs, the person will come into contact with the current through the body, the body's resistance is far less than the resistance of the grounding device, so the contact there is no danger. In addition, if in the home to install earth leakage circuit breakers, leakage accident happen if filter kettle, by residual current protection grounding line, the protector will immediately shut off the power.
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