Filter kettle is broken don't silly chuck, teacher to teach you a maintenance tips

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Filter every household has a kettle, little drink hot water not to use it at ordinary times, although the first water dispenser is popular, but there is a part of most families like to boil water to drink. But hot pot, after all, is the life of the product, so it will be a little wrong from time to time, most people home after filter kettle is broken, immediately lost, in fact, we don't have to hurry, some hot pot is not broken, may be a small number of damaged, we repaired can. Most often the problem is that hot water automatically power off function failure, this is small, but it is very big security hidden danger ~ if there is something wrong with the power function, let's do? First of all we need to check the temperature, it is the key, if you find that home of filter kettle thermal deformation, that your timely repair. If not, let's look at the below switch link rod, so sometimes there will be a jam, that's why auto power off function failure. There is a problem, that is, when we boil water, at the base of the lamp! Sometimes hot water at work obviously, but the light is not on, sometimes hot kettle didn't work, the light was still on, can the heart. Deal with this problem, we can view the switch box. Find the inside of the metal reed, this thing if pressure in the switch, which will affect the light can't shine. We can adjust the position, if it can't solve, we can be directly removed, cleaning, installation up again, this is very simple, installed after operation, again, we look at whether the normal operation of the indicator. Finally a case is inside scale too much, you threw it away, it don't have to. You can try to use vinegar water cleaning, after can normal use.
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