Filter kettle is broken don't throw, teach you a few action

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
At home filter kettle, convenient and quick, but with long time is easy to appear a few small problems. Many people simply throw away buy a new one directly filter kettle, actually this is a waste. Today the author is to introduce a few tips, a small problem can take yourself! Light is not bright, after 1, filter electric kettle water without heating. May be because the filter insulation switch has a problem of the kettle. Remove and check whether the metal reed on touch switch lever. If it is, bending again. If not, take out to clean. 2, after the water to boil, filter kettle is on fire. Sometimes, after the water to boil, the kettle is on fire, no power. This kind of situation is very dangerous, it is easy to cause fire burn out! In this case, you can check whether the deformation temperature sensors. Open the filter kettle, bending the temperature sensor. If not, just look at the switch link below. Is there any foreign bodies blocked it, cause it is stuck. The 3, power supply, light is lit up, but there is no heating water. This kind of situation mostly because of electric heat pipe out of the question. We can open the hot water switch box, and then check whether the internal metal shrapnel deformation or corrosion, then decide whether to replace. 4, filter kettle scale too much. In this case, just put the vinegar and water according to the proportion of 1:2 in the kettle at the same time, the electricity to a boil, after waiting for liquid cooling poured out, and then burn a pot of water.
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