Filter kettle is broken how repair

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
A lot of families have filter kettle, easy to use, the water faster. But everyone has this experience, is to filter the kettle is easy to broken after used for a long time. The common small home appliance, after all, a few money, throw away and buy is also very common thing. Filter kettle was broken, don't lost directly, teach you a repair method, at least can also be used for half a year! Filter kettle is broken how to repair 1, hot water in the kettle opened, will not automatically close. Filter kettle often have a lot of problems, today will introduce you to everybody. Filter kettle often the problem is that it won't power outages, it will bring to a boil water, filter kettle would still have been electricity, this is very dangerous. Solution: if there are problems such as filter kettle, you can check your home filter kettle; Most heat patches may have a problem, change a new heat can solve. 2, filters the light is not heating kettle if your filter kettle used for a long time, you will find that there is something wrong with the light on the electric kettle. When using the light not bright, very troublesome. Solution: we open filter kettle check whether internal metal deformation. Deformation occurs, replace the switch. 3, electric rear light is not bright, no heating water so many people have a headache, some people think that such a filter thoroughly broken kettle? Should I throw it away? Solution: this is actually a small problem, as long as the spring inside reinstall, filters can be normal use of the kettle.
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