Filter kettle is good, glass filter kettle material health and safety

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
A, 1 filter kettle is good. Boiled water process more transparent the current filter kettle mostly adopts high borosilicate glass material, so you can clearly see the whole process. It can effectively solve the curiosity of many people, the design of some brands is more interesting. After open the power supply, there will be a wonderful blue light, it will make no long wait for process, has become a daily to enjoy. What this is, of course, other materials have not, is the exclusive glass material. 2. Material more safe and stable because of glass material is considered to be unsafe, many manufacturers will use the high borosilicate glass, with a safer and more stable performance. Compared with ordinary materials of high borosilicate glass has better thermal stability, chemical stability and performance. In the process of boiling water, the impurity in the glass won't because of the high temperature and precipitation, its performance is very stable. Usually baby bottles are made of this material, this shows that the safety of the material. 3. Smart and convenient way of using the modern family are used to all kinds of new technology products. Therefore, in the use of filters in the feelings of the kettle is also more emphasis on intelligent systems and facilitation, only in this way the products were satisfied with the people in the pursuit of high quality life. By installing the temperature sensor and a thermostat, temperature signal is converted into digital signals and through digital tube display. Microcomputer touch technology, allows you to control water is warm, enjoy a comfortable, convenient and healthy life. Second, the glass filter material kettle health? The high borosilicate glass filter kettle? High borosilicate glass filter kettle containing no organic chemicals, smooth surface, easy to clean, glass wall of bacteria is not easy to grow, so the glass pot is the most healthy and safe. Three, glass filter kettle safe? Almost all of the filter kettle connection is the use of silicone adhesives, long-term in heating turntable silicon leakage caused by aging, and may accompany leakage, safety risk. Glass filter performance stability of the kettle, quality qualified, regardless of no stainless steel resistance to blow, glass filter kettle is safer.
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