Filter kettle manufacturer will teach you how to correctly choose and filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
There are many kinds and brands on the market of filter kettle, filter kettle manufacturers suggest that consumers should pay attention to when buy the following: 1, according to their own habits and actual need, such as 2 ~ 3 people can choose one of the family. 0 l about electric kettle, 4 ~ 5 people can choose 1. Around 8 l electric kettle. 2, carefully check the product identification and description. Standard products shall have the full recognition, including enterprise name, address, specification ( Such as capacity) , model, brand name, parameters, power supply, power supply voltage signs such as nature. Should be to prevent the misuse of warning and detailed cleaning method; Products on the identity of the switch should be clear and reliable operation. 3, look look. Plastic parts thicker, the outward appearance is smooth, bright and beautiful product quality will be relatively well. On the contrary, if there was an obvious rough plastic parts, uneven phenomenon, shaking inside a voice, may be the product of poor technology and poor quality. In addition, the filter is water injection with electric kettle, be especially careful when buying its seal, not leak, leakage. If you can see the heater, heater and pot body when buying interfaces should be installed firmly, hand gently touch the heater are available, and check whether the assembly is firm, should not be loose. 4, choose filter kettle product with temperature control functions. Which has the function of the temperature control products automatically shut off the power after power, effectively prevent unattended caused by dry, avoid the accident. 5, try to boil the water. Trials on electric boiling add just the right amount of water, nominal power products in the high heat up quickly, which has the function of the temperature control products should be automatically cut off the power supply after boiled, consumers can choose according to need.
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