Filter kettle of matters needing attention in use

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle broken a large part of the reason is that the wrong method of use. When using filter kettle, therefore, we need to know these note: note 1: the filter dry use electric kettle, kettle must add water before use, avoid anhydrous dry, as dry can cause damage of electric heating element, greatly shorten the service life of the filter kettle, also may lead to accidents. Note 2: use the reverse order when using filter kettle, before inserted into the power socket, water should be paid attention to. After water to boil, to pull the plug, cut off power supply, and then bring water kettle. Note 3: inappropriate water in the kettle with water more than the maximum level, overflow when the water is boiling, so add the amount of water can't too much. If the water is too little, heater without soaking in the water, so the heater will burn out easily. Note 4: soaking in the water to clean the filter kettle, not to the bottom of the pot of soaking in the water, it will make the bottom of the pot of rust, easy to damage after long time use. Even if the bottom of the pot with milk, coffee, and don't directly put the kettle in the water cleaning, use dry cloth to wipe dry. Note 5: different parts specifications power cords, plugs, sockets, and filter the power of the kettle, filter the kettle will be burn out easily.
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