Filter kettle of scale what a harm to human body

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Scale is because after long time use, long a thick layer of impurity on the filter kettle wall. These phenomena indicate that clear and thorough the water contains impurities, including minerals, heavy metals, rust, etc. The rain forced landing, flows into the river, across the mountains and plains, erosion of soil and rock, precipitation out of a large number of minerals. Well water, spring water and groundwater in the other contain more minerals. If we put a drop of water droplets on the glass stone clean, wait until the water droplets would be leaving the water dry glass. This is the water mineral deposits. Drinking water after long distance transportation, must pass through many checkpoints, water pipe after long use, wall thickening, pipe blockage, which contains many impurities. Family life drinking water contains a lot of impurity in the scale often appeared in the thermos, filter kettle, vacuum flask. Scale is the bottom of impurity sediment, filter kettle scale which have a harm to human body? A, scale is how come? Mainly related to water quality. If the water quality is higher, the bottom of a serious shortage of oxygen content, water molecule is not stable, the water of calcium and magnesium ions solubility decreases, dissolve exacerbate, forming a scale. As long as the water temperature as high as 60 ℃, especially in the north of water quality is poorer, no doubt will have scale, daily use filter kettle and boiler have scale. The solution is to regularly clean. Filter kettle after using for a long time, will grow a thick layer of scale. In general, the scale is mainly produced by the 'hard water'. Water containing calcium, magnesium and other minerals are called 'hard water'. River water, lake water, well water, spring water is hard water. After the water is filtered, so it is also hard water. After the water boils, part of the water cooling, the original precipitation poor dissolve calcium sulfate. Initial precipitation of calcium hydrogen carbonate and magnesium bicarbonate dissolved in boiling water, releasing carbon dioxide, become difficult to precipitation of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate ( They are the main components of the limestone and dolomite) And also be dissolved, this is the origin of scale. Second, how about drink some scale water scale does great harm to human body, many point out scale only affect beautiful, no negative impact on taste, also won't harmful. This is just a self-deceiving thoughts. Scale is a heavy metal, calcium salt, dust, bacteria, sediment, not health, also seriously affect people's health. Through chemical analysis confirmed that the scale of a large number of heavy metals, scale not only can cause a variety of stone, can also cause discharge, nervous, urinary, hematopoiesis, circulation system of malignant tumor and cause aging. Scale have undesirable effect to human body health, dental calculus of periodontitis is often caused by the scale. So far, there has been no vaccine can prevent the bianconeri germs, France every year from 2000 to 3000 people die because of the bacteria. Scale is more hidden danger, contained in the scale of water washing or bathing, will generate calcium magnesium soap, like glue viscosity, easy to stick on the forehead or skin. Dirt without cleaning, blocking the skin glands opening, forming embolism, negative influence on the normal metabolism, make the skin premature decay and aging.
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