Filter kettle power generally is how old? Big or small power

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
The most commonly used household filter kettle is 1500 w. Each filter power of the kettle is not fixed, so the filter also has a small power of the kettle. In addition to 1500 w filter kettle, and 2000 w, 1000 w, 800 w filter kettle. In general, a 1000 w filter kettle with one hour of power is 1 KWH, but in general, we are less than an hour. Filter the power of the kettle is not the biggest, in the household appliances, of course, also not the smallest. In household appliances, power is relatively large and induction cooker, products mainly include blower of large capacity electric products, such as the power consumption of air conditioning is commonly 1100 watts. The greater the power, the better the filter kettle? Filter the power of the kettle won't vary too big. High power to burn a faster time, amount of water small power to burn for longer periods of time, have the same power consumption. Filter the greater the power of the kettle, when using the sound. If it is used in industry of filter kettle, when industrial heater in the water, will be like fireworks directly from continuous intensive explosion. After a few seconds, the water is boiling, began to boil, such continuous explosion disappeared, into boiling and low glug voice. Our ordinary household electric kettle is about 1800 watts, with minimal industrial filter kettle over 8000 watts. Filter the greater the power of the kettle, the better, the best according to their own needs to choose to suit oneself. How to choose the filter power of the kettle? 1, the population in the market there are many kinds of filter kettle, including wired and wireless kettle. Different brand filter kettle is heavy type, generally in accordance with the power to divide. Filter power 1500 w - of the kettle About 2000 w, there will be 800 w and 120 w, if less family, can choose the 1 1000 w. 2 litres of filter kettle, if there are five people, can choose 1800 w1. 8 litres. 2, size of household electric kettle, generally 1500 w, but the power of each filter kettle is not fixed. To have size filter kettle, 2000 w, 1000 w, 800 w filter kettle, choose the right size. 3, power consumption in general, the consumption of electrical products is decided by the power of the battery, different power electric pot in the use of power is not the same, 1000 w electric pot of continuous use of more than 1 hour consumes only 1 KWH, and 1500 w electric pot consumes only 1 KWH 40 minutes of continuous use, so you can choose according to the battery charge.
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