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by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Now every family has a filter kettle not only, and in the room, hotels and other places to use filter kettle, visible market has how old, filter business opportunities of the kettle is very attractive. Qualified filter kettle need to triple security Settings, namely steam switch protection, water boiling steam switch work, make a kettle of the steam power switch is not working, the water will continue to burn, low water level or water dry, another double metal on the temperature regulation will work if you can not play a role like shut electric kettle, plastic push rod inside temperature regulator would melt, with a rise of temperature of the kettle will be cut off power supply. Below to show everyone filter sales market price of the kettle, filter kettle price is determined by the manufacturer, usually with dealers coordination, is the commercial secret. But, we can infer from the market sales price about price range, the general filter kettle prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan, basically be to see decided to capacity and material and function. According to the monitoring results, the price of the filter kettle under 50 yuan, only 44. 4% qualified, qualified rate of more than 50 yuan of above 80%. According to the inspector, the brand of electric kettle is adopted 304 stainless steel, the surface of the product and marked '304 stainless steel' on the wall. Nonconforming use more bad of the high manganese steel. Adopts 304 stainless steel filter kettle, manganese content less than 2%, excellent corrosion resistance. Filter kettle product wholesale price is usually kept secret, is a contract between manufacturer and distributor agreement. In order to win customers, each manufacturer's wholesale price, and have certain competition.
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