Filter kettle repair little common sense

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Often have a friend said home filter kettle is not durable, often bad. Maybe just a little problem, actually you will discard it. After a few problems we might as well to repaired. 1, the lights without heating some time will appear in the light, but without heating. This may be caused by contact with the outside bad electric heating tube. We can open switch box, first look at the spring piece deformation or severe corrosion, then replace a good. 2. Indicator light is not light nor heat indicator light is not bright, hot water heating, appear this kind of circumstance is likely to be insulated metal spring pressure switch to switch on the touch rod, to find a way to adjust it. If still have problem, it may be the insulation switch is damaged, need to repair, change. 3. Water also opened all the way up this kind of circumstance is likely heat out of the question, one possibility is that deformation, we only need to turn the heat slices. One possibility is to switch off, it need to clean up the card slot in the foreign body, or a replacement.
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