Filter kettle smell how do you handle it

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
If you are using stainless steel hot pot, boil water to have bad breath may be a pot scale, the scale contains heavy metal material have CD CD, PB, AS, HG mercury and other heavy metal ions, these scale JiJiu will have peculiar smell, this time can use salt particles to wipe, salt for removal of incrustation and thermonatrite has special function, you can also use vinegar or with hot kettle boil lemon slices to smell. Here is somebody in the filter kettle smell will adopt some methods, you also can have a try, maybe useful to you. 1, boil orange peel, warm water and vinegar or refrigerator in addition to flavor agent 2 place time is too long, if, after each use, put the bamboo charcoal in store. If often use, and have peculiar smell, may be the water quality is not good, or do you use it to burn other things and not net clean after use. Methods: bamboo charcoal is best, other such as orange peel, mature vinegar, or refrigerator in addition to taste. 3, this should be the taste of the power cord heats or the result of the plastic part is heated on the pot body, as long as you boil water, should have a taste. 4, I have a kind of method, is used in drinking kombucha tea. You use this try to cook a tea kettle, it is well known that tea to smell good effect.
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