Filter kettle thermostat repair methods

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter is a kind of self heating kettle type water heater, there is usually split type power supply base, boiling water safety devices such as automatic switch, the capacity of less than 2 liters of water. Many families use filter kettle, a thermostat is the core component of filter kettle, both heating and insulation function, by the thermostat and working operation, so the filter kettle thermostat repair method is what? Filter kettle thermostat repair method 1. Heating after filter electric kettle, instruction light not on. In the process of maintenance, can be measured with a multimeter R x 10 basic 3 core on the power cord plug l and n on either side of the resistor. Normally, when there is no press the reset switch, the resistance is infinite, when press the button, 1500 watts of filter kettle corresponding resistance is about 32 ohms. 2. If the measure is still infinite resistance, illustrates the filter kettle circuit fault happens, remove the cover handle components such as maintenance. Multimeter R x 1 can be used to check the switch action and contact on-off situation are in good condition. Found abnormal, you can check the switch the location of the connecting rod and the thermal field of tongue Angle is normal. If contact poor contact, you can switch contact and spring leaf damage, remove the switch box for cleaning maintenance. 3. If the electric kettle button after resistance value is infinite, still showed that heating tube circuit also impassability. Again to measure the pot body resistance on either side of the three core plug n, l, the above normal. If the measured value is normal, then the base part fails, check the base socket and power cords have poor contact or break for the corresponding maintenance.
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