Filter kettle thermostat to maintain and repair methods

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
Along with the improvement of living quality, modern filter kettle has become a family essential small home appliance, small kettle to support the family in the drinking water problem. As they say, a person should drink 8 glasses of water a day is normal, so a family to drink much water every day? How many times the kettle filters every day? Maybe everyone knows. Filter kettle easy bad, however, is not the pot body, not its base, isn't it the tank, but it's a thermostat. Temperature controller is broken, does that mean the filter service life of the kettle over? Of course, the answer is 'no', the author here is for everyone to explain in detail the maintenance and repair method of the filter kettle thermostat. One is, first check the electric heat pipe was broken or the thermostat is broken. In general, the thermostat worst is more, need to buy a new one to replace. Second, the filter maintenance and overhaul method 1 kettle. After the electricity heating, light is not bright. Failure is often caused by electric heating tube circuit without electricity. When maintenance, usable multimeter R x 10 measuring base 3 core on the power cord plug L and N on both ends of the resistor. Under normal circumstances, in the circumstance that does not have to press the reset switch, resistor is up, press the button corresponding to the 1500 w electric resistance value is about 32 ohms of the kettle. After press the button, the resistance value is still up, heating tube circuit. At this time to measure resistance at the ends of the three core plug n and l kettle, the above normal. Normal, if the test results shows that the fault at the base, should check whether the power connected to the base of the cut-off or poor contact, base structure is simple, general will soon be able to find the malfunction. 2. After the electricity heating, but indicator. Indicator that shows the power indicator light circuit, fault in the electrical heat pipe or its connection parts, common electric heat pipe damage or poor contact. Can remove the electric heat pipe, measure the resistance to judge. Damage the electric heating tube, normally only change. Poor contact is mainly due to the power plug in the component contact spring severe corrosion or deformation, removable switch box for cleaning maintenance, badly damaged the best replacement. 3. Don't automatically disconnect after water boiling. Is mainly due to the fault reset switch. Common reason is heat piece work serious deformation or switch connecting rod etc. For the former, the temperature sensor can be tongue protruding Angle bending again, switch the action of connecting rod to normal; In the latter case, to find out the blockage or foreign body, removal through, correct position, can return to normal. 4. Dry without power. In POTS dry up water or empty pot of electric power after a period of time does not automatically, is caused by thermal insulation switch failure. To determine if bimetallic strip deformation or loose. If there are any deformation, long nose pliers to correction are available, and bimetallic strip and the distance of the touch switch lever should be 0. 5 ~ 1 mm. If loose, need to tighten the screw.
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