Filter kettle to choose what kind of material is good and safe

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
In recent years, when consumer is choosing filter kettle, environmental protection, harmless as main purpose. If the selected is unqualified filter kettle, the use of in the future is not only dangerous, drinking water quality is bad for us. What kind of material is good and safe filter kettle to choose? Filter kettle to choose what kind of material is good and safe? The authors recommend the use of glass filter kettle. Glass filter kettle? It is filter kettle market to be bestowed favor on newly, its fashion, art, can be made into all kinds of beautiful modelling, is rare and boiled water process could be seen. Is one of the most popular filter kettle family member. Glass filter kettle advantages: 1, high temperature resistant, large power; 2, the whole process, automatic operation without monitoring; 3 use high borosilicate glass, the pot body, harmless to the human body. Glass filter kettle disadvantages: 1. Glass material itself than stainless steel brittle, light quality, don't blow. Or pot body will be damaged, affect beautiful, shortened product life. 2. The price is relatively high.
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