Filter kettle to repair skills

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
When filter kettle malfunction, needs to be repaired. The filter of the kettle to repair skills are what? The author will give everybody to solve today. 1, the light is not this kind of situation is due to the electric heater heating caused by burn out or electric heat pipe to oxidize, the most simple method of inspection is first measured with a multimeter on both ends of the resistance electric heating tube, such as normal, check the heater, such as there are abnormal change of electric heat pipe. Replacement methods from the shell of tank, and then take out the damaged electric heat pipe. After replacement, according to the original method to install parts, then add water electricity. 2, the light but without a significant increase in the water temperature is usually caused by a thermostatic switch burn out, the most simple method of maintenance is looking for the same type of thermostatic switch, then filter kettle apart, the new thermostat switch replacement to the original position, the installation of water electricity test can troubleshoot. 3, after the water boils not heat preservation this kind of situation is usually caused by a temperature switch is loose or close, the most simple maintenance method is to check the thermostat switch directly, such as damage, to buy the same specifications of the replacement. If just loose, tighten again. It is important to note that don't damage in the process of maintenance switch is better. Otherwise, could not find the same type of switch, filter the kettle will be scrapped.
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