Filter kettle using little common sense

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-02
Filter kettle is common in people life of small home appliance, filter is different from the kettle on the gas cooker kettle. Now, it is generally electric kettle to boil water to drink. Filter electric kettle to boil water, the water boiling, steam will make the bimetallic strip deformation temperature sensor, so that the electric kettle automatically power off. The author is to introduce the filter kettle used today little common sense. Filter using small common sense 1 kettle, filters, power rating of the kettle, generally larger, power plugs, sockets, the capacity of the power cord should be appropriate choice, generally suits to choose 10 a specification, if the power rating of more than 2200 w, should use a larger outlet, the outlet should be used independently, in order to ensure safety. 2, electric pot usually have ground wire, plug and should be connected to the outlet. When using, power plug should be fully inserted into the socket. 3, electric kettle, power plugs, sockets, power line and automatic switching device should be kept dry and clean. 4, shall not exceed the highest water level, water injection in order to avoid overflow in boiling liquid. Water injection also shoulds not be too little, or it will dry up quickly, and at least 20 mm, soak the heating pipe water or heating tube easily exposed on the surface, damage to the product. In addition, please don't open the power and then adding water. 5, using filter kettle, need in the line of sight range, avoid dry heating. If no one care about, after the water to boil, filter due to repeated heating kettle will dry up the water, and this can lead to dangerous accidents. 6, using filter kettle, be careful not to let the children touch the kettle body or touch electric wire, so as to avoid burns and other accidents. 7, in order to avoid boiling water scald, please remove the plug, cut off the power supply after take out the hot water, security. 8, when cleaning, filter kettle cannot water or water spray, so as not to damage the electric insulation, cause of failure and leakage. After 9, filters using time of the kettle, the bottom of the scale. Scale is not only affect the heating efficiency, but also make the pipe heat a sharp increase in damage electric heat pipe. Therefore, we should remove filter kettle scale on a regular basis. 10, in use process, if the filter kettle is damaged, can't work normally, it should be in a timely manner to maintain the product.
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