Filter kettle what are the skills of choose and buy

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
In daily life, we often need to use filter kettle boil water, and filter the purchase and maintenance of the kettle will need have some techniques and methods. What are the skills of choose and buy the filter kettle? The following to understand in detail, with the author. Filter tip 1, see the signs and instructions of choose and buy of the kettle buy filter kettle, please look at the filter signs and instructions of the kettle. The standard electric kettle logo should be complete, generally including name, address, type, specification, trade mark, voltage and power parameters, power characteristics of symbols, etc. In addition, there should be to prevent the misuse of warning, and filter cleaning methods in detail of the kettle and so on. 2, choose the appropriate capacity when we buy filter kettle, capacity is generally based on the actual need to choose. A simple example: a families with two or three people can choose a l filter kettle; If there were four or five is a personal family, can select a 2 litres of filter kettle; If it is used alone, about 1 l is about the same. 3, and the choice of material and appearance on the market at present filter kettle plastic material is mostly adopt national security level. Plastic has the advantages of rough, smooth, bright, beautiful appearance, but security is not too high, the simple conditional word still had better choose a more secure 304 stainless steel filter bottle or glass filter kettle. Next, should pay special attention to the sealing conditions, such as the leakage phenomenon, also check the installation of electric kettle is strong enough to have any loose phenomenon.
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