Filter kettle which brand good quality good and safe? Number ten electric kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
To boil water or use filter kettle is safe. When the water boils, the water vapor bimetallic strip deformation of steam heat element, the deformation power through the lever principle to push the power switch. Power cannot be reset by power filter kettle doesn't automatically after heating. The filter kettle quality that sells on the market, however, there are good and bad, easy to use which brand of filter kettle safe? Let's get together to look at. Filter kettle which brand good quality good and safe? Multiple temperature double hot glass filter kettle 1, four innovations: no residual water structure, expanding the expansion tank, high-power rapid boiling; 2, four big convenience feature design: four precise control of temperature is a key in addition to chloride, two types of water, can unpick and wash cover; Three, four heavy security protection: high temperature automatically cut off power supply, dry automatically cut off power supply, double fire fuse protection electric kettle safety use; Safety lock: children don't operate automatically locked after 10 seconds, not out of the water, preventing child wrong operation and security issues. High security: food grade high borosilicate glass + 304 stainless steel, high safety, the material is widely used in medical and food industry.
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