Filter kettle which brand is good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle which brand is good? To be honest, we need to analyze specific problems. Like some people always ask me which brand of boiled tea is better, everyone's needs, budget, etc is different, can't give an accurate answer. For example, the author's friends to have a baby, need to purchase a thermostatic hot kettle, this must be a very important reason, that is convenient to the powder. There are several types of constant temperature filter kettle for this problem, the author divided them into five types, and see it together. A, ordinary constant temperature filter kettle compared with ordinary electric hot water bottle, add a heat preservation function. Generally in 1 l capacity -- Between 2 l, if you only need basic supply of hot water, this can meet your demand. Affordable, power is higher, boiling water relatively quickly. Burn for two or three times a day, fully meet the family use. Heat preservation of water can also be used for the powder. This is the most basic thermostatic hot kettle, although the water there are some voice, but in the acceptable range. If the budget around 100, just want to buy an ordinary electric kettle, with insulation function requirement for heat preservation temperature is not so accurate, so this type of filter kettle. Second, the large capacity of the large capacity filter bottle this kettle, mostly 3 l - 5 l, which can meet the water demands of the whole family. And, through a period of temperature control, more add milk or honey or tea, just press the button, can generate the proper water temperature. If you want to meet the needs of the family, and the demand for temperature control, can make milk powder, honey, also can make coffee at different temperatures, such as the large capacity filter kettle will fit well. Three, constant temperature milk this filter kettle is specially built for treasure mom rushed milk powder. In 1 l capacity -- Between 2 l, it is to put the water to boil, then put the boiled water cooling to the temperature of the powder. The temperature can be precisely set to each degree, constant temperature for longer, very suitable for families with infants. If you want to buy filter kettle is dedicated to the baby and mom, constant temperature adjustable milk is the most appropriate, can quickly with milk powder, can also be used to warm milk. Four, curing pot of curing pot is filter upgraded version of the kettle, capacity between 1 l and 2 l. Have different buttons, different button to set the different temperature. Can heat preservation and the powder, also can heat the milk, you can cook all kinds of scented tea and nourishing soup. If you want to buy a thermostatic filter kettle, not only need to heat preservation, need to rush the function of warm milk, milk powder and often consider boiled tea, stewed supplements, such as curing pot is most appropriate. Five, the portable temperature filter kettle portable filter is characterized by low capacity of the kettle, generally in 0. 3 l - No more than 1 l, easy to carry. Suitable for take the baby to go out. Personally, if you want to buy a kettle for baby to go out when the powder, so a portable electric kettle with temperature of perfect
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