Filter maintenance skill of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
We all know that the filter kettle is household necessities, directly affects our drinking water safety, how to make it clean and durable, that is definitely not the daily maintenance. 1, correct placing electric kettle. Filter kettle need not when, should be kept in dry places, in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp, reduce the safety performance. When the boiled water need to be careful attention to the situation of the electric kettle, and keep out of reach of children. 2, add water, don't get the water to the outside of the kettle, otherwise the water will enter the connector and cause damage. Also don't add too much water, add water, otherwise it will overflow caused by short circuit fault, and water level also cannot too low, otherwise the kettle tripping delay will happen, causing damage of heating plate. Before 3, clean, remember to turn off the power switch, pull the plug, so as to avoid leakage. Kettle, the base and the power cord and plug shall not be soaked in water to clean. The filter outside of the kettle with wet cloth to wipe clean, but do not use volatile oil or organic liquid detergent to wipe. 4, filter kettle can work continuously, can damage the heating plate. Should be appropriate to rest for a few minutes, and then the second boiling water; Should regularly check the sealing situation, in order to avoid circuit board burn because of water. 5, if there is a scale in POTS, can use vinegar to clean, cleaning method is put vinegar and water filter kettle, and then pour water in about 10 minutes, this. Method can effectively remove, more method can read: filter kettle scale how to remove. Buy filter kettle, to see the logo and instructions, capacity to choose according to population, but also pay attention to the appearance of the kettle. In addition, when using filter kettle at ordinary times should pay attention to maintenance, to ensure the safety of the use.
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