Filter maintenance skills and working principle of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle brought great convenience to our life. Today, let's learn the filter maintenance techniques and the working principle of the filter kettle of the kettle. Filter kettle maintenance skills in order to prolong the service life of filter kettle, should be regular cleaning filter kettle. Clean, be sure to switch off the power. Don't put the bottom of the pot of soaking in water. Mix vinegar and water in proportion of 1:2, pour into filter kettle, and then open the power supply, make filter kettle, wait for after the water boiled automatically disconnect. Place the mixture in the filter kettle for 24 hours, then poured off the mixture, and then to burn a pot of water. Pour out the water, in POTS scale and vinegar will be taken away, and then clean with clear water inside the pot, please repeat the above operation if necessary. When using the filter kettle, if fail, should remove filters from the kettle heating chassis, pour out the water in the kettle, and then cooled to room temperature test maintenance. Filter working principle in the process of boiling kettle of water vapor to the bimetallic strip deformation of steam temperature sensor to turn off the power supply according to the principle of lever switch. Power is not automatic reset, so after power filter will not continue to heat kettle. If the steam switch failure, the water in the kettle will continue to burn, until dry up, the temperature of the heating element will rise sharply. At the bottom of the heating plate has two bimetallic strip, because of the heat transfer will rise sharply, lead to the heating expansion deformation, and disconnect the power supply. Therefore, the filter of the kettle is very scientific and reliable safety protection device. With functions of thermal insulation kettle, mostly have two heating pipe, a heat preservation pipe by insulation switch control alone, allows the user to control whether to select heat preservation. Insulation power generally less than 50 w, one hour does not usually consumes more than 0. 1 degree.
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