Filter radiation big kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
In daily life were common mobile phone, computer, household appliances, these are all electronic products, produced by electromagnetic radiation have an impact on pregnant women and fetus, in family life, how to effectively prevent the radiation? Don't put the home appliances is too concentrated or often used together, especially TV, computer, refrigerator should not be concentrated in the bedroom. In order to avoid the risk of their exposure to excessive radiation exposure. TV, computer and other electrical equipment can be installed with screen computer radiation eliminator, the user can wear radiation glasses; In addition, you can eat carrot, tomato, seaweed, lean lean, animal liver, and other foods rich in vitamins a, c and protein, to enhance the body's ability to resist magnetic radiation, do you know the filter radiation big kettle? As long as the household appliances are more or less radiation, filter kettle have some radiation, but very small, there is no harm to human body. Filter kettle not only saves time, and save the energy. At the same time, the traditional filter kettle on the gas stove heating about 10 minutes, and only 5 minutes to filter the kettle. According to a study, the cost of the traditional filter on the gas cooker kettle is about 0. 11 yuan, the cost of in is about 0. 6 yuan, about half the cost of traditional hot water, thermal efficiency can reach above 95%. Filter kettle easy to use, save energy, beautifully designed, simple structure, safe, practical, and some design in addition to the most basic function, also has the heat preservation function. And filter kettle radial unusually small, won't cause harm to human body, can be at ease use.
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