Filter technique of choose and buy kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle using steam intelligent induction temperature control, automatic cut off power supply when the water boils, prevent dry heating function, very common in our life. Want to use a filter kettle is need to purchase, then how to choose and buy filter kettle? We are now fill to know about the filter techniques of choose and buy of the kettle. Filter tip 1 of choose and buy, see the CCC filter kettle pot is a kind of liquid heating device, was listed in national mandatory safety certification ( ccc) Product catalog, when consumer is buying filter kettle must see whether there is CCC authentication marks. 2, temperature limit selection function of filter kettle temperature control products, products with limited probe. After the water is boiling, can automatically cut off power supply, now normal filter kettle manufacturer products mostly adopted temperature limiter. 3, look at the product description carefully watch the product logo and instructions. Standard filter kettle product logo must be perfect. Including: company name, address, type, specification, Such as capacity) Parameters, power supply, power supply, trade mark, voltage character number, etc. ; Due to prevent misuse of warnings, should be detailed cleaning method, etc. 4, according to the demand according to the habits and the actual demand. At present, the market capacity of electric kettle at 0. 8 to 1. And 8 litres. 。 2 to 3 personal family can choose about 1. 2 l and 1000 watts of electric kettle; 4 to 5 people can choose 1. 8 l and 1800 watts of electric kettle. 5, appearance models on the market at present most filter kettle with national security level materials. Smooth, bright and beautiful appearance. Be especially careful when buying its seal, no water leakage phenomenon, check whether the assembly is strong, whether is loose.
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