Filter the kettle base maintenance method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
The development of modern science and technology is more and more developed rapidly, the electrical type more and more, we use an electric kettle is one of the common. General filter kettle is composed of a pot body and a base, an electric kettle base failure occurs, the kettle will not use. So, failure occurs when the filter kettle base, how can we repair? The next to learn together. Filter the kettle base maintenance method 1. Using the filter kettle, if found at the bottom of the kettle is out of order, please do not use. Please be sure to use again after repair. Dry the water first, lest there are water droplets to rusty metal parts, otherwise will lead to poor contact. 2. With a soft cloth or tissue water blot, put it in ventilated place or blow dry. Base of the plug is measured with a multimeter resistance, the resistance between the resistance value shall not be less than 1 megohm. 3. You can use a multimeter to check the electric wires on both ends of the heat pipe, see whether there is resistance. If there is no resistance, electric heat pipe failure. In general, broken can only replace the new electric heating tube can be normal use.
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