Filter water descaling methods and techniques

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter kettle with long time, grow thick scale, because the space is little, cleaning. Today let's look at some of the filter kettle descaling methods and techniques. 1, cooking to divide. In the new filter kettle in more than half of the potato, filled with water. After boiling water, it is difficult to scale. After cooking, don't wash the lining, otherwise you will lose the antiscale effect. To have full scale filter kettle, boiled potatoes 1 - in the way After 2 times, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but will also have the effect of prevent scale buildup again. 2, heat bilges cold shrink to divide. The moisture in the empty filter kettle, boil, scale, see any crack in the bottom of the kettle, remove the filter immediately into the cold water kettle. Repeat 2 ~ 3 times, the bottom of the pot of scale due to thermal expansion cooling off. 3, the vinegar to divide. For a filter with a scale kettle, put some vinegar in the kettle, add water, boil 1 ~ 2 hours, can effectively remove scale. Scale of the main component is calcium sulphate, you can add soda solution into the kettle boil, can remove scale.
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