Filter way of choose and buy of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Buy filter kettle, safety should be given priority. A qualified filter after the boiling kettle automatically cut off power supply, so as to avoid safety accident. Filter material need to meet the national standard kettle, if can reach food grade level, that the product is more reliable. Electric hot water pot is easy to operate, humanized design, the elderly and the children use is convenient. The authors introduce everyone to filter way of choose and buy of the kettle. Filter is how to choose and buy a kettle. According to their own habits and actual demand to choice. For example: 2 - 3 personal family can choose 1 l, 1000 w electric pot; 4 - Family can choose 2 of 5 l, 2000 w filter kettle. 2. According to the size of demand determine its capacity. In general, if the power is big, its capacity is large; If the power small, filter capacity of the kettle is also small. A 2 l filter kettle, can hold two big bottles of water, power of 1500 watts. If you less water, you can choose to power a 1000 w, 1. 2 l filter kettle, the equivalent of containers that can hold a large bottle of water. Because filter kettle with water, must be more than the electric heat pipe, if the capacity is too big, can cause waste of water and electricity. 3. When buying, must first check the quality of the pot body, electric heat pipe installation are in good condition, the surface is bright and clean, the pot body and lid match, plug and socket match, etc. There is need for power supply test, 5 seconds to cut off the power supply after power on, Power generation time should not be too long) Electric heat pipe, contact with the hand in POTS, slight fever. After adding water electricity experiment, after observing the heating condition, and check the connection between socket and the kettle will not leak. For filter kettle equipped with automatic temperature controller, after the water boils, observe whether the switch is normal. 4. Look at the product logo and instructions. Standard product identification shall be complete, including: company name, address, type, specification, Such as capacity) Voltage parameters, power supply, power supply, trademark, signs such as property, and prevent the misuse of the warning and detailed cleaning method. 5. See appearance. Filter kettle appearance should be smooth, bright and beautiful. Its sealing conditions should be paid attention to and should not be slack phenomenon. If you can see the element, pay attention to the heating element and the pot body should be installed between the solid and reliable, can hand gently transfer heating elements, check whether the assembly is strong, not loose phenomenon.
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