Filters can boil kettle? Is there any danger

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Filter kettle is common appliance in the home, we all know that the filter is used to boil water in the kettle. Can be used to cook a meal? Let's look at how to use the right filter kettle. Filters can boil kettle? New pot is no problem, the old have a scale, it is best not to literally cooking. Do not use filter kettle boil acid, alkali or salt, so as to avoid corrosion of pot body and heater. In addition, the kettle is often a scale, cooking may be harmful to the body. If it is boiled eggs, be sure to put the kettle clean ( The proportion of water and white vinegar is 10 to 1, water boiling, cooling, can wash scale) 。 Filter cannot be used for cooking kettle. Filter kettle security considerations are as follows: the kettle can be used to boil water, it is strictly prohibited to boil water to anything outside. It is best not to used to cook other things, because the kettle have scale, cooking may be harmful to human body, suggested that don't cook. Recommend buying a small rice cooker, more convenient to use. How to correctly use electric kettle? 1. Injection of the kettle liquid shall be at least above the surface of the heater a few millimeters, but shall not exceed the stipulated high water level. 2. When using, must install the water first, then open the power supply, not electricity, first and then hold water. 3. Don't electric kettle boil acid, alkali, salt, in order to avoid corrosion of the pot body and heater. 4. Be sure to clear the scale on the heater when using or other besmirch, otherwise it will affect the thermal efficiency of heater and service life. 5. The kettle is not used, should be kept in dry places, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp.
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