General filter for how many watts of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter is one of our commonly used boiling water electric kettle, the general filter of the kettle for how many watts? Filter the power of the kettle is commonly 1000 w - 2000 w, the smallest is 600 w, the highest is 2200 w. Next, let's look at details. Working principle of electric kettle is steam of the steam produced in the process of boiling the temperature sensor of bimetallic strip deformation, deformation through the lever principle to push the power switch off. Power is not automatic reset, so after power filter not reheated kettle. Filter kettle connected to the power supply after 5 minutes, steam can make the sensing element of bimetallic strip deformation and shut off the power. If the steam switch failure, the pot of water will dry up until dry, heating element temperature rise sharply, there are two double metal plate at the bottom of the heating plate, due to the heat transfer temperature rise sharply, expansion deformation, disconnect the power supply. Therefore, the filter of the kettle is very scientific and reliable safety protection device. This is the triple filter kettle safety protection principle. With the rapid development of science and technology, fast, safe, convenient and make full use of energy has gradually become the main characteristics of filter kettle. Filter kettle using steam intelligent induction temperature, power, prevent dry after boiling, and other functions. As the demand of the modern life, filters are going, leakproof, hot kettle, lock water such as multifunctional direction. Filter kettle are fast heating, heat preservation effect is good, strong filtering, diverse styles, etc. Most of the heat preservation function of constant temperature filter kettle has two heating tube, one of the heating tube by thermal insulation switch control alone, the user can control and choose whether to thermal insulation. Insulation power generally less than 50 w, one hour does not usually consumes more than 0. 1 degree.
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