Glass electric kettle is fortunately? The personage inside course of study to tell you

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Although heavy metal filter kettle heavy metal precipitation event has been questioned, but still a lot of people left a shadow in the heart. Holding one thousand psychology, not afraid of ten thousand afraid afraid of family health really appeared somehow, it may do more harm than good. Rather than worry in my mind, make filter kettle to high borosilicate glass material, completely avoid heavy metals, in an attempt to ease. In fact, glass filter kettle already exist in the market, but many people don't know. So, what is a glass filter kettle experience? Although the security, but can use like a metal filter kettle? In this paper, by the high borosilicate glass filter kettle as an example, from its unique several elements, to illustrate the principle. Grade a, baby supplies glass what we call the glass filter kettle, its material is glass, of course, that what kind of glass for making filter kettle on earth? Use high borosilicate glass. Compared with common glass, high borosilicate glass has better thermal stability, chemical stability and performance. In the process of boiling water, the impurity in the material will not precipitation, by high performance is very stable. This glass is also used in the bottle, is a high security. Second, using smart is convenient in good condition with high borosilicate glass material, glass filter kettle is no less in terms of performance, easy to use. Also by the high borosilicate glass filter kettle as an example, it is equipped with a temperature sensor and temperature controller, can accurately convert temperature signal into digital signal, through digital tube display, microcomputer touch technology can control the water temperature at any time, enjoy healthy life comfortable and convenient. Three, blu-ray dancing creative high boron silicate glass not only has its own advantages, also inherited the glittering and translucent get rid of the family of glass window. Boil water, do not open the lid like the use of stainless steel electric kettle, can see the high borosilicate glass boiled water process of the kettle. High borosilicate glass filter kettle is more characteristic, after turning on the power supply, press the switch base, the blue light is in state of boiling water, let you be in boiled water, can enjoy water elves danced in the 'blue ocean', enjoy the fun.
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