Glass filter and stainless steel kettle which good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
In filter kettle, which is commonly used in the domestic, there are two kinds of popular materials, glass filter kettle and stainless steel pot, hot water for these two kinds of material, people don't see eye to eye, some people think there are security risks, the glass is not suitable for use at home, some people think that unhealthy stainless steel material, use less. In order to make people more intuitive understanding, the author wanted to prepare the related text introduction, now let's look at the glass filter and stainless steel kettle which good? Two kind of material is how to choose. One, the advantage of glass filter kettle first introduce the material of glass. Its advantage is acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance and good stability. In shape also have advantages, not only smooth transparent bottles, appearance is very delicate, in line with the now popular aesthetic idea, can the process of boiling water. Two disadvantages of glass, glass material has many advantages, there are obvious shortcomings, but also the clean scale very troublesome. In addition, because the material is glass, daily use, please pay attention to don't let the heavy hit. The advantage of the three, stainless steel electric kettle is the most obvious advantages of stainless steel filter kettle heating speed, high efficiency. Usually 3 - Can put the water to boil for 5 minutes, also can adjust different temperature. Another advantage is that the temperature is good, use the temperature controller is of good quality electric kettle temperature control of the key components, can be completely sterilized. Four, stainless steel electric kettle disadvantages introduced the next disadvantage. First of all, easy to scale, and remove also very troublesome, so use attaches great importance to the protection in the process. Second, about the appearance, single color, fashion watch degree is low. Above is about the glass filters and stainless steel kettle which good related content, want to help you!
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