Glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
People are very healthy diet, to eat is also very cautious. And water as the source of life, its popularity is also very high, so everyone in the selection filter kettle will be more rigorous. Glass filter kettle? Just what kind of it? The authors take you take a look at below. A, boil water process transparent. The glass filter kettle is mostly made of high borosilicate glass, we can see clearly the whole process of boiling water. Not only can effectively solve our curiosity, more shocking is that after electrify, there will be a very dream blue light. Not long to wait for process, but become a daily to enjoy. Of course, this is not in the other materials, is the only feature of glass material. Second, the material security and stability. Most people think that not safe glass material, this is wrong. Glass filter kettle? Common glass cannot be as filter material kettle, glass filter kettle is to use a more secure, more stable performance and high borosilicate glass. This kind of glass than ordinary glass has better thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance. In the process of boiling water, high borosilicate glass by high temperature and precipitation and harmful material, its performance is very stable. Because baby bottles are commonly made of it, it shows that the safety of this material. 3, easy to use intelligence. Modern families used to all kinds of high-tech products. Filter, therefore, use the experience of the kettle is becoming more and more focus on intelligence is convenient, only such products to meet the pursuit of a higher quality of life. Many filter kettle brand also installed the temperature sensor and temperature controller, it can convert temperature signal into digital signal, and can through digital tube display. Allow you to control water temperature follow one's inclinationsly, enjoy healthy life comfortable and convenient.
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