Glass filter kettle boiled overnight boiled water can drink?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Online has been such a rumor: tap water to boil 3 ~ 5 minutes, nitrite and chloride and other harmful content is the lowest, the most suitable for people to drink. Experts found that the boiled water of nitrite content in the raw water is high, nitrite in the human body can form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Repeatedly boiling time is too long, or more than 24 hours hot water, the content of nitrite were significantly increased. After 24 hour hot water, nitrite content just to boil 1. Three times. So, can you drink overnight in the boiling water? In fact, the water can not drink, not much relationship with whether the overnight, main time or the place of the water and save the environment. Water contains trace amounts of nitrate, after the water heating for a long time, due to the moisture to evaporate, the concentration of nitrate relatively increased, and its thermal decomposition into nitrite. If stored too long or improper safekeeping, bacteria multiply, can also be the nitrate is converted to nitrite. After water to boil, cover the lid, few hours water quality does not go bad at once. Boiled water to drink in the morning in the evening, little influence to human body health. If you worry about long time exposed in air, contaminated by bacteria, as long as the water to boil again, can achieve the sterilization.
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