Glass filter kettle can be used to boil Chinese traditional medicine?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Health refers to the cooking utensils to carry out the health care keeping in good health. Falls within the scope of small appliances, like electric kettle. Now sales market, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel plate in the application of the whole process of most heating products such as a variety of secondary chemical changes have taken place, making the metal ions and harmful substances, has certain influence to the health. So health pot gradually rise. So, glass filter kettle can be used to boil Chinese traditional medicine? Glass filter kettle can't cook Chinese traditional medicine. Acid with acid in Chinese herbal medicine, and chemical changes in laminated glass. Boil Chinese traditional medicine with special sand pot are sold, department stores, local products store. Suggest using special sand pot boil. Soak for 20 minutes with small fire first, and then Fried, a pair of medicine Fried twice. Anything that can play well. Curing pot refers to a kind of cooking and drinking vessels used for health care. Curing pot in addition to the traditional definition of the filter function of the kettle, and cooked scented tea, boiled eggs, boil soup, cook medicated diet regimen, grain porridge, noodles, hot pot, yogurt, cooking wine, hot milk, sterilizing, heat insulation, steamed egg, coffee, baby tap water, the effect of infant milk powder. Created the legend of household appliances diet, make modern family health more and more simple. Looking at food dancing in the water, the four seasons taste food medicine homologous health soup, human health of body and mind every day. Cook all kinds of nourishing of preserve one's health of soup pot, health keeping in good health more and more simple. Curing pot can boil water, Chinese herbal medicine and all kinds of preserve one's health of soup. And cook all kinds of soup before the complex process and compared for a long time, the pot is very simple, the user simply seasoning and water in a pot, setting time, curing pot of boiled automatically preserve one's health of soup, very suitable for the elderly.
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