Glass filter kettle common maintenance methods

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
1. Generally speaking, the glass filter power of the kettle is bigger, so when using filter kettle, the power supply socket, socket, power cord should choose appropriate, if the glass filter rating of the kettle over 2200 w, should use a larger outlet, the outlet should be used independently, to ensure the safety of use. 2. Electric kettle used should have ground wire, plug and should be connected to the connection socket, use glass filter kettle plug should be fully inserted into the socket. 3. Keep the electric power plug dry and clean. 4. The filter water kettle, shall not exceed the maximum water level, in order to avoid boiling kettle when damage to overflow into the heating pipe. 5. Using a filter kettle, the filter must be where children can't touch the kettle, or where the power cord, so as to avoid scalding accidents. 6. Cleaning glass filter kettle, kettle can not be submerged directly, lest damage electrical insulators because of be affected with damp be affected with damp, caused the accident. 7. After long time, prone to internal scale, if the scale of the kettle cleaning not in time, can affect the use of filter kettle, so must be regularly clean. Glass filter kettle common maintenance methods have been introduced. As a hot water equipment that is commonly used in our life, its working principle and power is everyone need to know. Only have the detailed knowledge of the product, it functions to maximize. Now electrical appliances have a lot of filter kettle brand on the market, so we should choose some when buy the product with high brand awareness.
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