【 Glass filter kettle 】 Commonly used kettle temperature test

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
As the saying goes, 'the father of machine for tea, water is the mother of tea'. A cup of tea is good or not, in addition to the associated with the tea itself, more water, tea, etc. Tea in the kettle is indispensable. On a sunny afternoon, the author specially selected five tea kettle is commonly used for testing the water, iron plates, glass pot, pot, ceramic POTS and stainless steel pot. 1. What plates with light, colour and lustre is unique, not only appearance beautiful, its heating effect is very good also, step by step, slowly but surely, slowly boiling water. 2. Glass bottle glass pot although look is not so delicate, plates, iron pot of boiling water in transparent shake 'loud gurgling' images of it, too. 3. Iron pot of iron pot composed massiness, even boiling water is quiet, like meditation bell of the old monk, day and night to chant chanting, ki is good, but never prided himself. 4. Ceramic POTS thought ceramic POTS should be the most not easy to boil the water, but I didn't think it did so well, after the water boiling temperature is still rising. Of primitive simplicity and do not break, should be a 'quiet, rabbit' appearance. 5. Stainless steel pot, in general, office and home of the most commonly used when the stainless steel kettle, many people are worried about stainless steel pot of burn of the water temperature does not reach one hundred degrees Celsius. But in this test, it actually shut, this, you don't have to worry about stainless steel kettle of water temperature is not enough!
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