Glass filter kettle development prospects

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Electric kettle belongs to the western small home appliance, in the development history of China, although short, but the speed of development is very rapid. Twenty years ago, China's domestic production of the existing electric kettle, but mainly for export, Europe is the largest import market for electric kettle. Until the late 90 s, electric kettle into the Chinese market, to Chinese consumers. In 2003, some domestic brands, with its broad sales network, the electric kettle into homes. The current domestic market capacity of electric kettle about at between 600 ~ 7 million year, almost all the small home appliance brand more or less involved in the competition. Under the fierce competition, the electric kettle industry presents some new characteristics. The first is the gift of electric kettle products. Due to the filter kettle products bearing the factors such as health, fashion, science and technology, increasingly become one of the choice of gift giving, it is also significant trend of calling the kettle product consumption in recent years. At the same time, the electric kettle has become necessary appliances of hotel rooms. With the improvement of domestic hotel services, its water supply equipment from the early water bottles, water machine also to the development of electric kettle, using electric kettle, to the hotel to reduce manpower, cost savings, hotel scale. In terms of function, electric kettle products in order to in addition to the boiling water, heat preservation, filtering functions such as infiltration has been to electric kettle products, can also be used to cook tea, coffee, etc. , electric kettle product features will continue to increase. Electrical appliance manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a main double hot pot, hot water proof glass filter, heat milk hot kettle, kettle boiling pot, and other types of filter kettle production, sales and wholesale manufacturers, quality assurance, price concessions, welcome calls to order
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