Glass filter kettle _ electric water heater repair

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Electric water heater is a kind of electrical appliances, our common other electric equipment failure rate is relatively low, but as long as they are electrical appliances will have the possibility of damage, the electric water heater now basically divided into mechanical control and computer control plate type two kinds. Electric water heater failure usually heating tube open, prevent dry protector (for some reason Check the other under the condition of normal human press protector reset button) 75 degrees Celsius temperature controller, or contact can't normal movement, fault separation, can not work normally. Electric water heater F60 - is a beauty 15 a2 electricity but can not be heated, open on the right side of the lid measuring hair heat pipe resistance infinity, 220 v voltage is added in the heat pipes at both ends. Find the hair heat pipe of the same model after open the water heater out all, will draw off. Then send the old tube removed first, tear open come down to pay attention to the insulated pad on the nail when don't broken and getting lost. Slowly after split out by the way, could you see the water in the environment, if the time is too long or worse water tank is dirty, to help users off. Also observe the consumption situation of magnesium rods, had said to it, it is the role of magnesium rod by the way, in a nutshell magnesium rod main function is to protect water tank corrosion don't too fast, if the tank corrosion will cause water tank is leaking. Install new heat pipes to pay attention to the sealing ring and the installation position of insulation glue, restore so wiring installed, sheung shui on electrical commissioning after emptying, after careful inspection without leaking back into the lid.
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