Glass filter kettle: high borosilicate glass process

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Generally speaking, the high borosilicate glass containing 75 2 ~ 7% ~ 81% SiO2, Al2O3, 10 ~ 13% B2O3, 4 ~ 6% Na2O + K2O. Compared with most other types of glass, silicon content in the high borosilicate glass is very high and very low alkali content, which makes high borosilicate glass has good optical properties, electrical properties, low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, excellent heat resistant to impact, can long-term work under the high temperature of 450 ℃, its representative varieties of Pyrex - 7740 glass. Light transmittance of high borosilicate glass can achieve 90% above, thermal expansion coefficient in 32 ~ 40 x 10 - 7 / ℃, with good visual effect, is widely applied to water heater thermal collectors, glass apparatus, chemical pipelines, heat-resistant glass products and other products. With the emergence of tablet high borosilicate glass, especially the production of float high borosilicate glass, further expansion of the use of high borosilicate glass field, float high borosilicate glass is mainly used in LCD projector protection cover plates, optical filter color shade, medical biological substrates, biological technology of DNA chip, large outdoor lamps and lanterns of heat-resistant glass panel, heat-resistant glass mesa, high-grade bullet-proof glass and senior fire-resistant glass, and other areas of the new high technology and safety. Gao peng the double-deck glass filter kettle in silicon glass manufacturing, quality assurance.
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