Glass filter kettle safe?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Electric kettle is a household name, it is convenient to use and safety performance is high, so has been popular with the consumers. Now not only pay attention to practical, electric kettle and appearance also let consumers to feast for the eyes, relieve fatigue of consumer visual can promote better sales. Could we know more about the needs of users. In fact, the glass pot body is resistant to high temperature boiling polymer glass, appear a visual, convenient consumers watch pot. Glass at the bottom of the pot body directly binding the hot plate, but also set up to protect components, to avoid overheating kettle and cause safety accidents. Some still using silicone gasket and seal tightly stick to the glass bottom of the pot body, on the one hand, in order to more easily to remove and replace the glass pot body, on the other hand can also achieve leakproof effect, high temperature resistant, also conform to the hygiene standards. Glass filter using the latest kettle coupler structure, safe and durable. It USES conductive ring is 360 degrees, can conduct electricity work is put at any Angle, has the function of manual and automatic; Use double micro pressure switch, silver contact when too little water in the kettle is lower than the lowest water level or when there is no water in your pot, kettle automatically power off, prevent dry; When you take the kettle, it will automatically disconnect, you also don't have to worry about whether I have cut off the power supply. Vitreous electric kettle, kettle body fully visible, with environmental protection and energy saving, high thermal efficiency, no radiation, safe, reliable and easy to use, are boiled water essential to household appliances, it is also suitable for use in parties and tea ceremony, etc. Move? Why not let see glass filter kettle!
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