Glass filter kettle to remove scale method

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
When glass filter kettle after using for a long time, there will be a lot of dirty things inside, this is the scale. Scale needs to be cleaned in time, otherwise the boiled water taste bad, and may affect health. Glass filter kettle, then, how to remove scale? The following five methods everyone away! Glass filter to remove scale method 1 kettle, removal of incrustation scale mainly of calcium carbonate with vinegar, vinegar contains acetic acid, acetic acid soluble in water to produce minerals and carbon dioxide gas, these substances can remove scale. Can go to a department store to buy vinegar, put it in a glass filter kettle, add water, boil for half an hour, and then use the brush inside the kettle. 2, cooked taro to scale add filled with water in the kettle, kettle pot to boil the taro, also have to scale effect. If the glass filter kettle is full scale, should cook for two or three times potato repeatedly, to wipe out. 3, potato skin removal of incrustation glass filter with long time of the kettle, internal will produce thin scale, you can use the potato skins removed. Slice the potatoes peel, into the water, cook for 10 minutes, the scale will be cleared. 4, and baking soda to remove scale general filter is made of stainless steel kettle, it is easy to form scale, with baking soda to remove, the specific method is to add in 500 grams, 1% of baking soda, add water to boil a few minutes. 1% of sodium bicarbonate, 500 grams, add water to boil for a few minutes. 5, if the glass filter kettle boiled eggs to scale the scale is too hard to remove, can be removed with eggs. Specific method is to break an egg, jug, then the half pot of water, stir well, then boil, put half an hour, brush clean.
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