Glass filter kettle _ water machine working principle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Water dispenser can be said to be particularly common in our life, a lot of family and office area have water dispenser, but they should all don't know how it works, then today to share the working principle of water cooler is how? 1. Principle of water dispenser water inside the water circulation principle is implemented by negative pressure, at the bottom of the bottle for sealing, insert the water dispenser, its internal pressure is less than the atmospheric pressure of the outside world, ensures not flowing out of the water in the bottle, when users connect water inside the water tank water level drops, air from below into the bottle, makes into the water tank of the water in the bottle. If water bottles break or crack, outside air into the bottle, the pressure inside the bottle, destroyed the pressure balance, causing water tank water rise, a smart water phenomenon. 2. Heating principle of the heating system is divided into internal and external heated. Internal heating is made by stainless steel electric heating tube directly in the hot pot to heat water, external heated by heater in a hot pot external electrical heating, heat transfer through the stainless steel hot pot, heat to heat the tank of water, external thermal insulation layer to reduce heat loss. In contrast, the internal high thermal efficiency, fast heating, heating power consumption is small, but the heating tube is easy to scale, not easy cleaning; External heating heat loss is big, heating slower, but not scale less noise. 3. Compressor refrigeration principle is mainly composed of four parts compressor, condenser, capillary and evaporator, pipe connection between them, to form a closed system, the refrigerant circulating in the system, the state changes unceasingly, and carries on the energy exchange with the outside world, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Its working process is: compressor suction of the formation of the low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor in the evaporator, and maintain a state of low pressure created within the evaporator liquid refrigerant in the evaporator constantly boiling under low temperature conditions, Isobaric process) ; Inhaling steam compressed, its temperature, pressure, Isentropic process) 。 4. Electronic refrigeration principle mainly through the electronic refrigeration refrigeration chip to achieve. Electronic ice refrigeration chip contains many of bravery ( Commonly used is 255) The p-type and n-type semiconductor components even form a thermocouple. Through direct current semiconductor hot end gives off heat, the cold end and heat absorption temperature difference is produced. Then cold end contact with water, absorbing heat water, make water temperature inside the water tank continues to decline, the hot end by dc cooling fan cooling, again by thermal sensor to control the cooling chip work, achieve the goal of control water is warm.
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