Glass filter kettle which brand of good quality

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
In fact glass filter kettle which brand of good quality, the main is big brands have security, but the bigger the brand the higher price. If you're good family condition, suggest to buy famous brand, but if the condition is not so good, ordinary brand glass filter kettle can also, generally do not have what not good. Glass filter kettle quality which brand is good? Mainly from two aspects of the durability and safety, considering from several details discussed below. A, see filter kettle electrode coating: filter kettle of electrode coating is divided into three types of copper plating, silver plating and gold plated, gold plating and silver plating effect similar to that of gold plating cost is relatively high, therefore gold-plated basic invisible, generally is copper or silver plated, domestic filter kettle is basically copper plating, the design cost is low, but to a lesser copper coated filter problem of the kettle, namely after connect the power produces the electric spark, which is why the cause of the domestic filter kettle not durable, silver plated filter can effectively avoid the lighter kettle, and electric water heater is also very good, good safety performance, high cost. Second, the filter kettle parts: food-grade plastic accessories has a small scent, surface without burr, long service life, not easy ageing, etc. Common plastic smell is the feature of large, pungent, plastic parts easy to aging rupture, not only service life is short, but also affect the health of drinking water. General filter the lid of the kettle, shell, handle and base are all plastic parts. Three, see filter kettle stainless steel material: stainless steel materials have many specifications, stainless steel materials containing 18% chromium, 18/8 said 8% nickel, up to the standard materials to meet the national food grade standards of green products, products rust corrosion. The general stainless steel cup ( Pot) Cup body with a white or dark, if in the concentration of 1% in salt water for 24 hours, can produce rusty spot, its partial element to exceed bid, directly endanger human body health. Four, filter kettle appearance: look inside and outside the tank surface polishing is even, without knock against, scratches; Second look at the mouth of the welding is smooth and consistent; The last check whether inner seal tightly, matches. The above four factors in the process of choosing filter kettle is very important, glass filter kettle product durability and safety is a very important factor. Considering the family daily use, in the 30 - price 50 or so, it is suggested that don't consider, mostly on the material selection are flawed.
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