Glass filter kettle which style is good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle for us, is one of the electrical contact with every day in the life. We may be familiar with material of stainless steel filter kettle, also know some stainless steel filter brand of the kettle. So, how much know about glass filter kettle? Which kind of good glass filter kettle? Then with the authors to look at! Glass filter kettle heating water temperature speed is very fast, and the use of safe, safety accidents will not occur. The material of glass is the most important of the battery is very environmental protection, does not affect our health, a good brand, haier, sun, supor, etc. Although the filter is small electrical kettle, using scientific principles can be a lot of, can be roughly divided into three principles. Its working principle is to convert electrical energy into heat energy, the heat preservation function, which make use of the principle of thermal expansion shrinkage, thin sheet metal thermal expansion shrinkage control switch circuit heat preservation function by using the principle of diode. Security right use of filter kettle of water level is higher than the lowest water level, lower than the highest water level; Remember to keep the power near the dry, strictly follow the instructions to use method.
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