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by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Although modern human demand for water is increasing day by day, however, a few pay attention to boil the water appliances - — The safety of the electric kettle. Most families think fast boil water filter kettle is good filter kettle, also don't pay attention to it when buying material. If it is not an outbreak of 'electric kettle precipitate heavy metals, high manganese steel is commonly used filter kettle boil water to drink will cause memory decline' events, a lot of people probably don't know the rest of my life '' high manganese steel, of course, will not know' high borosilicate glass '. After the incident, many family abandoned the family with many years of high manganese steel filter kettle, buying high borosilicate glass filter kettle, this is because the high borosilicate glass material used in baby bottles, such as filter kettle boil water safer. So, what brand of filter on the market at present the kettle is high borosilicate glass material? Glass filter kettle high borosilicate glass is a kind of low inflation, high temperature resistant, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and stability of Gao Huaxue special glass material, is widely used at home and abroad of heat-resistant glass, also is the material of choice for baby bottles, can be found in the material of the high level of security. Relatively representative at present, the market of high borosilicate glass filter than bear electric kettle and the pot body is made of high borosilicate glass, natural anti high temperature burst, not afraid hot and cold shock, heat resistance up to 150 ℃, even in a boiling pot into the ice will not burst, innovation, the public's perception of the glass. High borosilicate glass transparent material at the same time, can learn about water quality situation in a timely manner, timely cleaning scale, drinking water are safer and the spout of the large diameter design, make cleaning more convenient. Insulation adjustable milk hot pot because of high borosilicate glass with high light transmittance, so use it to boil water, also can experience different fun. High borosilicate filter kettle, with unique design of blu-ray boiled water. After turning on the power supply, a key press the base of the switch, the blue light is the state of boiled water, quietly watching, blue light dancing with waves ripple, swaying posture, leisurely and comfortable feeling arises spontaneously. Not only that, the high borosilicate glass filter also has a kettle boil water double protection function, automatic power control dry; Complete leakproof filtration system, water more smoothly; As well as the design at the bottom of the cooling hole, hole drain water from now on, can effectively prevent short circuit phenomenon. Little bear filter kettle humanized design, healthy boiled water more safety. High borosilicate glass filter kettle, select safe material, honour enjoy healthy drinking water, every family should have. Double anti hot hot kettle
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