Glass filter what are the advantages of kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
With the development of science and technology, affordable, convenient and quick glass filter kettle was deeply loved by people. Almost every family has a filter kettle, but we often heard that filters the kettle will cause harm to the health of people. Next, the author to introduce a kind of low quality products, that is glass filter kettle. Glass filter kettle material damage can be avoided. Next, the root with the introduction of the author, know together. Glass filter kettle, then, what are the advantages? Good one, baby products glass; So-called glass electric kettle, of course, its material is glass, glass filter kettle for the production? Electrical use is high borosilicate glass, high borosilicate glass, compared with common glass has better thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance, in the process of boiling water will not analysis the impurity in the material, by high temperature thermal performance is very stable. This kind of glass used in baby bottles, security is very high. Good two convenient, smart; In have the advantages of high borosilicate glass material, glass filter kettle in performance is also no less, is intelligent and convenient to use. High borosilicate glass filter kettle as an example with a temperature sensor and temperature controller, temperature signal can be converted into digital signal accurately, and through digital tube display. Microcomputer touch technology, allows you to control water is warm, enjoy the comfort and convenience of a healthy life. Advantages of three, blu-ray creative dancing; High borosilicate glass has both its advantages, but also inherited the family transparent glass window. Boiled water, don't open the lid, like using stainless steel kettle outside can see the glass filter boiled water process of the kettle. More special is, when you switch on the power supply, press the switch on the base, the blue light is in state of boiling water, in the process of boiled water, you can enjoy the water elves danced in the 'blue ocean', enjoy the happy time.
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