Glass kettle is good, healthy

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
Now use high borosilicate glass more electric kettle, in the process of their work, the people are very clear to see in POTS. Effectively solve the curiosity of a lot of people, some famous brand more innovative design solutions. After turn on the switch, there will be a high-definition blu-ray, let the waiting time is no longer boring, more science and technology and products. Naturally, this not on other materials, glass filter is exclusive of the kettle. Most people think that not safe glass, in fact, many filter kettle manufacturer in manufacturing will use safer, more stable high borosilicate glass. The glass than ordinary material has better thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical performance, when the impurity in the material with heat and not released, performance is very stable. Baby bottles are usually made of it, it shows that the safety of the material. Then, the glass pot is really healthy? Glass pot does not contain organic chemicals, the surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria is not easy to grow inside the glass, so the glass pot is the health and safety. In addition, the low price of glass pot is often glass quality is not qualified, including lead, and health of the pot is often high borosilicate glass material. Therefore, as long as we choose a qualified brand glass kettle, can fully guarantee the quality of the kettle.
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