Heat milk hot kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Many people think glass filter kettle appliances do, but we also have a few money is for the treasure mom, such as constant temperature adjustable milk hot kettle. Ratio of different brands of milk powder have different specification, but in general are better with 40 ~ 60 degrees warm water rushed. The temperature is not only beneficial to accelerate the speed of chemical reaction, to dissolve in liquids such as sugar, milk powder, bring up more homogeneous solution, and can guarantee the nutrients in milk powder is not damaged. For the first time using constant temperature tunes milk pot of hot water to people operating instructions must read it carefully, if use method is not correct will affect the effect of milk. In addition, to remind everybody know about the use of constant temperature adjustable milk considerations: (1) temperature milk modulator used if can direct drinking water ( Such as drinking water, direct drinking water, pure water, etc. ) , directly regulating the temperature control switch to '40 ℃' insulation position, the machine will automatically be cooling or heating temperature. (2) use cold water heating temperature milk modulator, then click on the power switch, after waiting for heating water and then adjust temperature control to '40 ℃' location.
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