High boron glass filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
At present, the high borosilicate glass is widely used as the material of glass products, many filter kettle and glass utensils are made of it. Many friends are curious high borosilicate glass filter and the difference between traditional stainless steel kettle, kettle and whether high borosilicate glass kettle can like traditional kettle is durable and not easily broken. High boron glass filter kettle? Want to know what is the answer, here are together and see it. A, high borosilicate glass filter kettle and durable? 1. High borosilicate glass thermal expansion coefficient is very low, about a third of the common glass. The impact of this will reduce the temperature gradient stress, therefore has the stronger ability to resist breaking. 2. Despite the high borosilicate glass than other types of glass is more resistant to impact, but due to the rapid or uneven temperature change, high borosilicate glass by very critical hits is still likely to rupture. When broken, boron silicate glass bursting are shattered, but larger. 3. Has good thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical properties, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, good mechanical performance, high temperature resistant characteristics. Second, the high borosilicate glass filter kettle poisonous? High borosilicate glass are safe and non-toxic, does not precipitate heating any harmful substances. High borosilicate glass: also called hard glass, is a kind of low inflation, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance, Gao Huaxue stability of special materials, because of its good performance, the solar energy industry, chemical industry, medical packaging, energy, technology and other fields has been widely used.
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